Where in the World was Marilyn in 2014? Updates

It was a busy year to be sure!

January – May, 2014

I travelled with a medical team to Benoit, and then on to the communities surrounding Hinche in Haiti.  Then, I joined the medical team from Albright EMC in Winnipeg.  We travelled to Gens de Nantes (GdN) Haiti to work in the medical clinic there.


Then, Tiffany L and Kathy T and I returned to the Department of the Nippes, of which Benoit is a community.  The purpose of that trip was to evaluate the need for further health and community development in that area.


Two construction teams, one from Highview Community in Kitchener and the other from Trinity EMC in Waterloo began the “Pignon Wall Project.”  This is a large property that belongs to the AEM (L’Association des Eglises Missionnaires).  They have proposed to build a Senior’s Housing Facility along with some guest housing on the site.  The security wall is extremely important in this large town setting. The Wall project will likely be completed in 2015.


It can't be all work!

It can’t be all work!

June was another eventful month.  I celebrated a milestone, my 60th birthday. What an opportunity to recognize God’s blessings along the journey and to realize that there are many more to come!



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