Marilyn in Haiti – October 24 to November 28, 2015


Team member Elva updating their team blog

Greetings from Waterloo Region.  Yes I am home and back to the routines here in Ontario.  Ideally I would be sending you this blog update while with the teams in Haiti.  But do I really have to get down on my knees to do it and often at 5am?  So I have chosen the easier way; I am here at home enjoying chai tea and some shortbread cookies.

Let’s begin: Rachel Harris and I left Elmira in the early hours of October 24, to meet the Elaine Hilz and the Volunteer Team from Chilliwack in Toronto.  We flew  into Puerto Plata in the DR.

Rachel - nurse from Elmira

Rachel – nurse from Elmira

Due to the Presidential Election being held on Sunday, October 26th in Haiti, we were unable to cross the border into Haiti until Monday, October 27th.  The extra day at Puerto Plata Village was a blessing.  The team had taken an overnight flight to Toronto from BC so they really needed the rest.  Both Rachel and I were able to catch up on much needed sleep as well.

Elaine Hilz (centre) and Cross Connections Team

The Cross Connections Team came to Haiti to facilitate the process of the security wall being built around the GDN Clinic.  This particular project was funded through the partnership of Albright EMC in Winnipeg and Cross Connections.  I give God all the praise and glory for vision of these churches to see this project move ahead and for the completion of the wall.



Take one for the team Doug. Thanks!

The team originally planned to help with the wall project.  As is often the way in Haiti, another more pressing project was presented.  In fact, I was asked just prior to coming to Haiti, if by any chance did the team members include anyone that knew anything about electrical wiring.  I am glad that God is all knowing; he knows our needs long before we even know what to ask.  So the expertsDSC00751 DSC00742 DSC00791                                        DSC00716

Cory and Gary along with their skillful “supervisor” Doug began to work, rewiring the maternity and some in the Gens de Nantes Clinic.   What a blessing to have these joyful tradesmen on the job site!  Thanks guys for a job well done.

The gals were involved in the “Days for Girls” project at the GDN AEM school.  They did teaching and gave out kits to about 75 girls in the upper classes.

I was glad to have the opportunity to see Mis Odicia in action.  She is in her 2nd year of nursing in Fort Liberte.  During her time off she came and volunteered at the clinic.

Mis Odicia

Mis Odicia

I was also privileged to interview another young lady for the Martin Memorial Scholarship Fund.  She began her nursing studies in November (also in Fort Liberte).

The Cross Connections team completed their time in GDN; Rachel and I accompanied them to Cape for their day at the Citadel and shopping.

DSC01102 DSC01061

The team overnighted in Cape and we saw them off at the airport the following day.  Rachel and I returned to GDN.

November 10 – The Highview Community and Trinity EMC team from Waterloo Region arrived in Haiti.  We met this team at Ouanaminthe.  From there we flew via MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship) to Pignon.  This team came to continue the Security Wall project on the AEM property in Pignon.


At the same time, our friends from Regina, Saskatchewan joined us at La Jeune.  This team came to provide medical services at the La Jeune Clinic as well as to do some renovations on the Guesthouse (duplex).  They came to Haiti via Port au Prince and flew to Pignon on MAF as well.

The teams bonded quickly.  Because the guesthouse was being renovated, we “camped out” in the Vocational School, which is not yet in operation.  There was a guys dorm and a ladies dorm.  DSC01459 DSC01466

The quarters were quite respectable and relatively “rodent free” until a rat found some food on the women’s side!  Thanks Keith for setting traps with success!

The team members worked well together and even shared in each other’s projects.  What a blessing.


The duplex before

DSC01395 DSC01406 DSC01385 DSC01386

After the new roof is on!

Thanks guys: Martin and Don as well as Eric and Keith.

The security wall crew did a great job as well.   We are excited that this 3 year project will be close to completion in 2.  Thank you God for your provision.DSC01480 DSC01304

Version 3

Pastor Abdon is very happy to see that the project is almost complete.



Great fundraising Highview/Trinity!













Thanks team for all the hard labour under that scorching hot sun.

While the construction and the security wall projects were in progress, the medical team members were able to consult with patients, do some serious house cleaning and arranging of supplies and equipment, as well as spend a morning at the Bon Samaritan Church were we did BP screening and invited these elderly widows and widowers to the clinic for further consultation.

DSC01335DSC01441 DSC01443 DSC01444 DSC01454DSC01456

The renovation crew even came to do some work on the clinic building. Thanks fellows.

The renovation crew even came to do some work on the clinic building. Thanks fellows.


We saw the Security Wall team off to catch their plane in Pignon on November 20th.



Then on November 24, Rachel and joined the Medical/Renovation team on MAF to Port au Prince.  We said good bye to this team the next day; they returned to Canada and we travelled back to Cape Haitian for some concluding work in the GDN community.










I had a number of meetings with Andre and Elimene regarding the Gens de Nantes clinic as well as the community.  Rachel spent time with the community health staff giving vaccines and doing home visits.  And I was blessed by some little folk.


I enjoy the little people!


What do you suppose they are thinking?

DSC01668 DSC01642 DSC00826 DSC01172

I connected with Mis Keutely and the Health Agents.  They were busy doing a community health census.



IMG_6735RacheI and I attempted to DSC01682teach this young man how to walk following a fractured femur.





And then there are the reports to gather and compile for each project.  I need lots of prayer in that department!  Sometimes just understanding the banking process is a challenge to me!! DSC01311





I continue to be blessed by God’s provision for the projects and for the team members.  I praise God for the partnership with the AEM (Association des Eglises Missionnaires) in Haiti.  Together we are a community of followers of Jesus on mission in Haiti.





At this wonderful Christmas Season, let me say thank you so very much for your partnership with me during 2015.  Thank you blessing me to be your hands and feet in Haiti and elsewhere.  Thank you for praying for me.  Thank you and may you know God’s blessings outpoured in 2016.

Marilyn McIlroy


“For a child is born to us, a son is given to us.  The government will rest on his shoulders.  And he will be called: Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.  His government and its peace will never end.  He will rule with fairness and justice from the throne of his ancestor David for all eternity.  The passionate commitment of the LORD of Heaven’s Armies will make this happen!”  Isaiah 9:6-7