Summer, 2019

Here we are; it is mid-summer already.  And wow, what a wonderful summer it has been so far.  Nice and toasty with some humidity.  Our community needed rain; the rain has come in the last few days.  Apparently, by the end of the week we will be having Haiti-like temperatures here in Waterloo Region.  I have been missing Haiti.  That will be a good reminder.  In fact today is moving in that direction!

You might be asking how is the situation in Haiti.  Well, the gc  travel advisory (Canada’s website) to Haiti remains at Level 3.  That means that we are strongly advised to postpone any unnecessary travel.  So far I have not sensed the need to travel.  My last post suggested that I might consider a trip in May.  That did not happen.  I would like to travel in September but have not made definite plans.

I am glad to say that we have a wonderfully reliable young woman, Herlynda Philogene who has the role of the Agent of EMCC working in Haiti.  She competently manages the financial aspect and many other areas of our work there. God has blessed EMCC W.P. with this amazing gal.  She has a passion for Jesus and a desire to see her nation progress in its development.  Pray for Herlynda to stand strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.  Pray that God will raise up many more young adults who have similar hearts for change.

Herlynda on the MAF flight out to Benoit.

Even though I would like to get to Haiti, there is not an urgency to travel at this moment.

Thank you to many who have prayed for Pastor Andre Philogene.  This is Herlynda’s father.  He had a stroke in May.  Praise God he is recovering well.  He still has some deficits with speech; I notice that when I am conversing with him on the phone.  He is in good spirits.  I sent the request for prayer to churches and individuals who know Andre.  I told him that many people and churches were praying for him.  He said that he knew that God was working in his life.  He said that as a result of the prayers of those churches, he feels responsible to pray for them.  Praise God for bringing healing to Pastor Andre.  It is hard to keep him in the “resting” mode.  His daughter told me that he had been back to the clinic.  He was lonesome at home so he walked up the street to visit.  I know it is very tempting for him to step back into a full time role.  I reminded him that he has likely never taken an holiday.  “Consider these months of rest some of your well deserved holiday time.”  Pray for Andre to be faithful in adhering to his regime of medications for both hypertension and diabetes as well as exercise .

Pastor Andre

A Blessing to Share:  During a 6 week “Hearing God” seminar at my local church back in January 2018, I met a young woman named Patti.  She and   I have become good friends.  We have been meeting almost weekly to pray and to read the Bible.  We have shared meals occasionally.  I drink coffee; Patti drinks water or gingerale and very rarely coffee.  We challenge one another as we “follow Jesus” and do life together.  Several weeks ago Patti told me that she spoken to the pastor and wanted to be baptized.  The date was arranged.  And then Patti asked me if I would baptize her.  Wow!  What a wonderful privilege and blessing it was to baptize Patti on Sunday, July 14, 2019.  I shared with Patti and those present, that she is “God’s  workmanship, fearfully and wonderfully made.” Ps 139.  From Ephesians 2:10 “she is God’s masterpiece.  He has created her to do the good things he planned for her so long ago.”  Back in Psalm 139 it says that God has written about each of us in his journal.  And he has wonderful plans for each of us as well from long ago.  Praise His Name.

A  Moment to Share:  My family reminded me that June 13 this year, was a special day.  My dear sister Ruth, and brother and sister-in-law, Wayne and Debbie made arrangements for our family and Debbie’s family to enjoy dinner a Pebble’s Restaurant.  (You should try it sometime.)  It was delicious.  It was memorable.  It was a great celebration.  What was the celebration about?  Ok, I turned 65.  I think it is great.  I get to say yes to the “seniors’ discounts.”  Sometimes it is a real bargain!!

I liked the idea in the first picture best 🙂

On the actual day of my birthday my siblings and I went to the Wellington County Museum.  It was raining as is common on June 13, so it was good to be inside.  We were looking up records of our family history.  At our age you know, museums are good places to visit, ha!


We imagined we were in Ireland or  Scotland.  It was good.

You may be asking,  “What are your plans now that you are 65?”  Well, I am thankful to God that he continues to stretch me and use me.  He gives me health and strength for the daily tasks.  I  am grateful for an organization such as EMCC WP that no longer mandates retirement.  I am excited to see where  God will lead.  At this time, I will continue to partner with Herlynda and Haiti in projects and health as well as checking out some new possibilites.

Speaking of projects:

In the Christmas 2018 post I introduced this project to you –

Phase 2 of the Security Wall Project at the Gens de Nantes (GDN) Campus is beginning this week.  Cement blocks are being fabricated one at a time.  Nothing simple like calling up the cement company and ordering a few hundred ready made cinder blocks.  This property has a few acres of land that will become the garden plots for students who are learning Farming God’s Way methods.  High school students from GDN will begin to learn these farming methods as part of their school curriculum.  Remember Hernso Philogene, a university graduate in agriculture studies?  He will be taking charge of the project.  He already teaches some classes at the local high school.

These pictures do not represent “Farming God’s Way,” (FGW) but do show the initiative of this young agriculture worker and his peers who have developed “VERT Chez Vous”  an initiative to provide fresh vegetables and greens to a niche market in the city of Ouanaminthe.  They are also working on “Diri4Sezon” another entrepreneurial endeavour to reintroduce Haitian grown rice to the Haitian market.  They are attempting to be “organic” which is a challenge with rice grown in water; the challenge of keeping their supply of water free of fertilizers and pesticides.  Pray for Hernso and his partners as they endeavour to bring change to northeast Haiti.  Pray for Hernso to be able to begin the FGW endeavour this fall when school starts.

Informal Volunteer Team:  In May, I was planning to take a nursing student and a new graduate nurse along to Haiti.  Since that was not possible, God prompted me with the idea of a cross cultural experience with Rob and Sharlene Dilts, EMCC WP serving with First Nations at Golden Lake.  They hold a camp at Mishewah for children from various First  Nations communities in the area.  I suggested this idea to Ben and Andrea.  They were both interested.  I shared the opportunity with a few other young adults.  Michelle, a gal from my local church, and a frequent flyer with teams to Haiti signed up as well.  We have been meeting monthly to learn about First Nations culture and music etc.  I have been challenged too, as this is new to me.  Pray for the 4 of us as we serve at Camp Pinaaz-i Zibi Maamawi  (Travelling the River Together), July 27 to August 3.  I am signed up as the Camp Nurse.  Extra prayers please for energy and strength needed for these busy days and safety for campers!

Since May, Ruth and I have spent many evenings and some of our weekends out on the trails, throughout Ontario, listening for and watching birds.  Occasionally we catch them in a photograph as well.  Here are a few of the many of God’s wonderful creations:


The Great Blue Heron, the Baltimore Oriole and the Indigo Bunting.  On a given evening we often spot/hear more then 20 species.  So beautiful.  So relaxing.  Genesis 1:21 “So God created … every sort of bird. …  And God saw that it was good.”

Prayer Points:  I have highlighted some throughout the post.

  • Plans to begin a small group/prayer group in the fall relating to learning about and reaching out to our neighbours from other cultures.  What does that mean for followers of Jesus on mission?
  • Wisdom in planning for teams to Haiti in October, November and  then January, 2020.

Thank you for your prayers: for Haiti, for our friends in Haiti, for me.  Thank you for giving faithfully as well.  I am grateful for your ongoing support of the ministry of Health and Community Development.

Marilyn McIlroy

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