Summer 2020

Here we are and it is already nearly the end of August. If you are like me you are asking how did we get to this point so quickly? There is no disputing in my mind that this year has zoomed by. Speaking of “zoom” I expect that many of you have been zooming a lot these past few months; especially Sundays for fellowship and worship etc. I am grateful for the technology that allows us to keep connected and to share with one another here in Canada and around the globe. This summer has been great. I have enjoyed July and August; time in my garden, hanging out with my “bubble” and if course working.

My garden plots within my flower beds.
My ever increasing bubble.

Last week I began reflecting and meditating on Psalm 145.  I had been thinking a lot about the Integrative Education and Farming God’s Way (FGW) Initiative in Gens de Nantes (GDN), Haiti.  Whenever I would talk with Hernso in Ouanaminthe, I heard how “hard the soil is” and in his voice, a sense of “hopelessness” maybe?  

As I looked at Psalm 145 – I saw that David is setting the example for us:  he says, “I will exalt you, my God and King, and praise your name forever and ever.  I will praise you every day; yes, I will praise you forever.” David goes on to say that the LORD is great and he is most worthy of praise.  We cannot possibly measure his greatness.   And we must tell each generation about God’s mighty acts.  And then let them proclaim his power.  In verse 5 he says “I will meditate on your majestic, glorious splendour and your wonderful miracles.” In verse 6 he says that God’s awe-inspiring deeds will be on every tongue and that he, David will continue to proclaim God’s greatness. God is merciful and compassionate. And God is good to everyone. In fact verse 8 says that “He, God, showers his compassion on all his creation.” I believe that “all his creation” includes the soil and rivers, the animals and his created human beings.

I thought about what are the awe-inspiring deeds that would encourage the FGW group in GDN.  What miracles did God do relating to food and long-term sustenance for his people?  An obvious one is God’s provision for the people of Israel wandering around the desert for 40 years.  But I really love the story of Elijah; first he pronounces to King Ahab, a famine in the land, then he, Elijah, leaves town. God promised to feed Elijah through ministering “ravens.” Then God sends him over to Zarephath to live and to take his meals at the home of a very poor widow. Incidentally, she is down to her last “handful of flour and a drop of oil,” to cook her last supper and then die. Check out 1Kings18 for a great “boost” of faith. Can I trust in that same God, same power, and same love to shower his compassion on all his creation today? Can I trust God’s compassion for Haiti?

You may remember that back in November, wow, already 9 months ago, Nicole, myself and 3 gals (Lorna, Lindsay and Joey) from Albright EMC, Winnipeg visited Haiti. The outcome of that trip was the beginning of the Farming God’s Way/Education Initiative at the AEM school. Where are we at now with the project?

Well, in June, EMCC WP was able to send $6500 CAD (about $4700 US) from the WP undesignated fund to assist Hernso with purchase of equipment and supplies for the garden project as well as PPE for the students participating in FGW. The funds also covered teachers’ assistance during the first 2 months of the winter school semester, prior to COVID19 school closure. Lastly the funds have supported Herlynda in her role with EMCC WP and her administrative and reporting tasks with the Initiative. Thank you to all who have contributed to World Partners initiatives and to the Undesignated category in particular.

Continue to pray for Nicole, myself and the members of the FGW/AEM School Initiative in Haiti as this moves forward to a fully supported effort.

In the most recent blog I told you about the opportunity to respond to the COVID19 needs in Haiti. Thank you very much to those who responded immediately. Once again, EMCC WP was able to send $3420 CAD to assist with the needs at the GDN Health Centre. PPE supplies – masks, gloves and shields were purchased; a quantity sufficient to last for a few months. The fund also made it possible to hire on a temporary basis, two full-time nurses to provide COVID19 triage outside of the regular clinic building. Suspected cases could be assessed with less possibility of transmission to other patients. Thank you for responding to this need.

Nurse Wadeline – providing needed support with reporting

Nurse Gary – triaging patients in the waiting area

COVID19 update Haiti today – 8,016 confirmed cases, 5,447 recovered and 196 deaths. These numbers are quite low, in comparison to neighbouring Dominican Republic with the same population and twice the land area. Presently in the D.R. – 91,608 confirmed cases and 1,573 deaths. The higher number of confirmed cases is partly because of greater capacity for testing. But the number of deaths is significantly greater. In speaking with medical professionals in Haiti, it appears that COVID was “less deadly” there. Whatever the reason, praise God for his hand of protection on this vulnerable population. Dr. Telsie states that things are back to normal at least from her perspective in the capital city of Port-au-Prince.

COVID19 is still a pandemic and causing far reaching suffering in other areas of the majority world: need for emergency food relief, access to clean, safe water, hand washing stations and general COVID awareness and messaging. Please check out: and give generously as God leads you. Thank you in advance.

Since I began this update, Hurricane Laura has passed through the Caribbean including Haiti with heavy rains, wind and flooding. As a result there has been crop damage in areas where AEM churches are located.


  1. God would increase the faith of the leaders of the FGW/Education Initiative and that the land would indeed become productive, the soil be fertile and the community would see that change is possible.
  2. University students, especially those who are participating in the scholarship program – some are writing exams, some are just returning to university following COVID closures; that the students would remember what they learned 6 months ago.
  3. GDN health centre staff as they continue to serve the community and beyond during this challenging time. 
  4. Our dear brother, Pastor Lizand (PauP, Benoit) – has had a second stroke, left with weakness on one side and his speech is affected. 
  5. Families who have lost crops and had property damage as a result of Hurricane Laura.
  6. Continued needs globally as a result of COVID19, and because many already live on the edge of hunger.

Thank you for your continuing care for our Global Partners both in prayer and as you provide ongoing financial support.

Marilyn McIlroy

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