March 1, 2021

Good morning friends. I decided to share the yearly update of the students who are participating in the Scholarship Fund. Pray for nursing graduates who continue to try to find employment and for the medical doctors who desire to set up practices or get further training.

February 2021 Update – Yvonne Martin Memorial Scholarship Fund

Here we are February 2021.  It goes without saying, 2020 had its challenges including COVID.   But since this is an update from Haiti, the story of 2020 includes unrest, hope for elections and presidential succession or not, kidnappings, general strikes, hunger and poverty.  Oh, and on a positive note, let me add, a new Initiative with EMCC WP, “Farming God’s Way (Food Security)/Education/Community Mobilization” in Gens de Nantes.  I am so excited to see this moving forward.  

In spite of the challenges, there are so many good stories to report once again.  

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Let me start with Nurse Gary (Graduate-Jan, 2018).  What a faithful man he is.  He has a contract since the beginning of May, at the GDN Health Centre working in COVID response.  But because he is a man of integrity and loves nursing, he helps out with everything else at the clinic. Gary sent me a message January 18. He told me about 19 year old Daniel who had come to the Health Centre. He (Daniel) had a grotesque tumour on the L side of his face that obstructed his ability to eat or drink.  It had been diagnosed in the D.R. as an osteosarcoma; he had travelled far and wide to find help, but no help (or maybe no money) was available.  Over the past weeks Gary has made almost daily house calls for changing dressings, giving IV’s, antibiotics and pain medications along with encouragement and spiritual care.  Daniel finally went to meet Jesus on Sunday.  Gary has been an angel these weeks, going beyond the call of duty to ease the suffering of this young man. 

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Then there is Wislande studying in her final year of nursing in Hinche at the University of Notre Dame.  Nursing has not been easy for her.  Besides the challenges of her schooling, she struggles to have enough funds for accommodations and food as well as transportation. The university is a few kilometres outside of Hinche; there are no accommodations at the university.  When I finally realized that she was loosing weight and could not study because she was hungry, I made the “executive” decision to provide funds for her for these expenses as well.  The original scholarship was for tuition only.  Wislande comes from the poorest of families.  It would have been such a sad story for her to stop her education after year 3 due to these circumstances.   Of all the students, Wislande is most “thankful” for the scholarship.  She says so in every Whatsapp message to me.  Pray for her as she works through her final year and the various practicums that come at the end of her in-class studies. 

Dr. Samy Charles started his internship this year.  He messaged me today on Whatsapp.  He said that he is in his orthopedic rotation this month; next month he will be in surgery.   He completed his pediatric rotation in January.  All of this is taking place in the Saint Nicolas/Partners in Health Hospital in St. Marc.  He said, “I am good, just tired LOL.”  Pray for him during these busy and long shifts, 8 am to 6 pm as well as a 26-hour shift.  He sends greetings to everyone.

Manuella Donatien, recent graduate in laboratory technology, completed her year of service in December, 2020 at the GDN Health Centre.  All God’s best to Manuella as she moves back to Cap Haitien and begins to search for employment.

Oducia Elvard (graduate-2018) began to work full time at the GDN Health Centre in July 2020 after completion of her year of service there.  Oducia was married in February 2020.  Then I received the sad message on April 24th that her husband had a massive stroke and died on the 23rd of April.  Hypertension is a huge cause of deaths (even deaths of younger adults) in Haiti.  She continues her work in GDN.  Pray for her.

Djedsonlove Jean Pierre (graduate nurse-2020) began her year of service at the GDN Health Centre.  She wrote her Haitian nursing exam and received her license before beginning at GDN.  It was good for her to be able to complete that exam before COVID hit.  

Wadeline Desir (graduate-2019) studied nursing in Port au Prince.  She is still waiting for the exam to be made available for her in the capital city.  Pray that she is able to continue studying and even get some kind of work while she waits to write the exam for her nursing license.  (The delays are covid and unrest in the capital.)

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Wadeline, centre, in pink, Dr. Telsie R of Mis Wadeline, Gary and Mis Ruth participated in a medical team to Benoit in southeast Haiti in October,2020.

Kathleen Docteur (graduate-2014) was married in December. Her husband is Haitian American and in the US army.  Kathleen is currently nursing in Port au Prince.

Three nursing students and a lab tech student are continuing their studies.  Two other young people have just begun in laboratory training.

Pray for the students as they recover from a difficult year of studies.  Some are trying to catch up; some maybe have to restart a semester.  I have not been able to find out the details.  Each college/university managed the year differently.   Blessings.

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