June Updates

Hello from my office here in Waterloo Region.

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Kitchener, going up to 27’C.  I personally just love spring and summer!  How about you?

Here are a few signs that we have jumped into spring and now summer:

DSC01137 DSC01122DSC01108 DSC01109

Although, I must admit spring came and went quite quickly in early April and in May.

April 10, 2016; Walking on the Kissing Bridge Trail. April 10, 2016; Walking the Kissing Bridge Trail.[/caption]

In early May, I had friends visit from B.C., Bill and Dianne, who work with Wycliffe.  While here, we attended Trinity together. Then we checked out the site of the historic “corduroy road” used for the Conestoga Wagons in Waterloo Region.  Think of it this way, 3 friends, close to retirement age, visiting something a bit older than us 🙂

Corduroy Road in Waterloo

Corduroy Road in Waterloo

DSC01145 DSC01155DSC01153

Let me update you on the what and where of Marilyn over the last number of months.

January through March, I spent in preparation for and then travelling to Haiti (Feb 8-Mar 31).

Haiti Highlights

Gens de Nantes Clinic – lots of changes

Meet Dr. Emmanuel, new family physician.

Dr. Emmanuel

Dr. Emmanuel

He started his contract in January, 2016. He is a wonderful family man, married and father of 3 year old twins – boy and girl.  He enjoys working at GDN; he commutes home to Cape Haitian on weekends. Pray for him as he settles into his role as medical director.

Mis Elimene

Mis Elimene

Miss Elimene is moving to the city of Ouanaminthe; she is taking on more of a support and supervisory role. She had served tirelessly since the early 1980’s (at that time alongside Miss Zelda Pierson) as a midwife and co director of the clinic. Thank you Se Elimene. Your presence in the labour and delivery room will be missed.

Blessing of the Security Wall around Clinic

Security Wall at the GDN Clinic

Security Wall at the GDN Clinic

The personnel who visit from the Ministry of Health Haiti frequently comment about the importance of the security wall. The staff at the clinic are grateful for increased security, especially during the nighttime hours when they are taking care of emergencies.

Thanks to Albright (Winnipeg) and Cross Connection (Chilliwack) EMC’s for collaborating on this project. Albright EMC from Winnipeg – a multi faceted team: English teaching, Days for Girls, Village visits, and Mr Fix it all!

Albright team members

Albright team members

IMG_2044 IMG_2280 IMG_2085
Praise for the Santiacre Church, near Pignon, Haiti

This project began in January, 2015, with Palmerston EMC beginning the process of fundraising to partner with the Santiacre Church for a new sanctuary. Later in the year, it became evident that our CDN $ was loosing ground, which meant that the team would need to raise more funds. In early January, 2016, the local construction crew began to work; the local church had raised some funds to get the foundations dug, and bring in some stone and gravel. The block walls went up and it was time for the Palmerston team.

They were in Haiti Feb14-28 and were there to build trusses and put up the roof.

Palmerston Building Team - Santiacre Church

Palmerston Building Team – Santiacre Church

Santiacre Church Building

Santiacre Church Building

DSC00528 DSC00522 DSC00581DSC00504

By God’s grace the funds stretched and there was some left over to put in some doors and windows. I praise God for His provision in the midst of economic changes both in Canada and in Haiti.

The Shoe Guy

The shoe

The shoe

Making a difference 1 person at a time!

Back in November I introduced you to a young man with a fractured femur. Rachel and I were teaching him to walk with a quad cane. We had also told him that he needed to have his shoe built up or he would have a lot of pain.

It’s a long story; his fracture which occurred in the DR had not healed properly. Unable to work or walk he returned to Haiti. One leg was shorter than the other. When I returned in February I found him in the same condition. Meet Eric – the shoe guy.

The shoe guy and his client

The shoe guy and his client

In preparation for his Haiti trip and for doing “whatever maintenance and fix it tasks assigned, Eric brought along “stuff” that he might need but not knowing exactly why! God has a way of preparing us! He brought glue and clamps and … Then he found a “random” running shoe (the exact size and foot) on top of the water tower at the guest house.

Dr. Stephen and I measured the young man’s leg length. Eric began to work to build up our patient’s shoe. A little glue, a sole of a running shoe, some other rubber material he had brought, and finally some duct tape. Voila!  A new shoe.

After a day of getting adjusted he brought back the cane. Thanks to God and the Shoe Guy he is able to walk again. Now you may ask, how long is that shoe going to last, especially walking the rough terrain of Haiti?  Excellent question. The Shoe Guy doesn’t know this yet but his job is not finished. I would like to get a good used pair of work shoes for the client and have Eric build up that shoe!


The Shoe Guy

The Shoe Guy



What is coming up?

  • June 8-12 – staff days in Calgary
  • June 18-27 a road trip, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, and Regina;
  • July – Mishewah and Stayner Camps,
  • week of holiday at Mishewah with my church family;
  • September – Tanzania medical;
  • November – Haiti;

Journal Reflections

Mid January through March, I was part of a small Bible study group; we used Beth Moore’s “Living Beyond Yourself, Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit.  I connected with the ladies only 2x then I committed to continuing the study while away in Haiti which I did, all but the last chapter.  I am doing it now.  This chapter teaches about self control compared to living a life of excesses and indulgence. The reading in Haggai 1 stands out to me.  (By the way, Haggai is the 3rd last book in the O.T.; only 2 chapters and 2 pages, easy to miss). Haggai, a prophet, was summoned to give a message to the governor and the high priest of Judah at a time when a remnant of the people had returned to Jerusalem from Babylonian captivity.

1:4-6 “… “Why are you living in luxurious houses while my house lies in ruins?  This is what the LORD of Heaven’s Armies says: Look at what is happening to you!  You have planted much but harvest little.  You eat but are not satisfied.  You drink but are still thirsty. You put on clothes but cannot keep warm.  Your wages disappear as though you were putting them in pockets filled with holes!” NLT

I am reflecting on this today; we are busy building our fine houses while the house of God lies in ruins.  Unlike the Temple of that day, the Holy Spirit resides in us.  We are the temple of the Holy Spirit.  Our busy lives often push aside what God wants to do within our temples.  We are not satisfied so we push for more of what does not satisfy.  God longs to fill us to overflowing; to bring that fullness and awareness of Holy Spirit’s dwelling in and making us complete.  This is satisfaction and it can come only from Holy Spirit.  How is my temple/your temple looking today?

Please Pray:

Proverbs 16:3 “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”

  • God’s provision for projects that have been in process or are completed but still need to be funded e.g. Traditional Birth Attendants, Vocational School (in Haiti).
  • A Medical/Teaching team is preparing for Igoma, Tanzania in September.  Pray for God to provide funds to purchase the medicines and supplies for Tanzania; need about $7500.
  • I am in the beginning stages of building a Medical Team for India for January, 2017.  Pray that God will stir in the hearts of those of his choosing to travel and minister to physical, spiritual and emotional needs of those in the villages around Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.


  • Hallelujah!  God met my year end need; he continues to provide the monthly support needed.  I praise Him from whom all blessing flow.  Amen.
  • On my return flight from Calgary after staff days on Sunday, June 12, I was privileged to sit by a lovely lady.  Our conversation led to her sharing about her twin sister’s illness and subsequent discouragement.  I was able to share that I would pray for their family as they walk this journey.  I also wrote out a few Bible references of encouragement on the back of my business card.  Praise God for the opportunity to share with this lady and her twin and her mom.


Good  Soil Campaign – and EMCC/CFGB initiative.  Check out the link at   https://www.emcc.ca Sign a postcard or write a letter.  Help small farmers globally to feed their families.

Thank you for praying and thank you for supporting EMCC Health and Community Development.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Drop a comment when you read this.

Blessings until next post.